Your Guide to a Well Behaved Dog

I have a really exciting announcement for all of you for the last 18 months or so I've been working on my second book is that tortas guide to a well behaved dog Stefon have you already read my book you're so well behaved already at 10 weeks.

In my first book I kind of gave you this wide-angle view of things to consider when you're getting a dog to vet care to traveling with your dog and of course some basic training advice the book is done really well in fact it's got a 4.6 star rating it's the number one best-selling dog training book on Amazon, at the moment I just got this in the mail this is the first printed copy this is kind of how a book looks before it goes to the final printing so we can review it.

My new book really focuses on some of the most common unwanted behaviors that I know many of you struggle with like unwanted jumping incessant barking destructive chewing play biting regardless of your dog's age potty training issues what to do if your dog pulls on a leash begging and other pushy behaviors how to address things like fears and phobias separation anxiety hyperactivity aggression not listening around distractions not listening in new places not listening while off leash not listening without treats.

I'm gonna show you how and why desensitizing management conditioning and/or counter conditioning can get you to where you want to be with your dog the methods you'll read about in the book have not only been shown to be effective in my own career and with many of you on YouTube over the years but I also source recommendations from other leading animal behavior professionals as well in fact past presidents of the American Veterinary Society of animal behavior dr. Sarah bossy has even said Zach George takes his dedication to humane and effective dog training from the screen to the written page his techniques for managing common dog training problems are spot-on you hear that step on my dog training techniques are spot-on if you want to be among the first to get my new book you can pre-order it right now I'm gonna have a link in the description Up next

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