4 Things That WILL Train Any Dog 80% Faster

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It can be a lot of work but, there are some things you can do to dramatically speed up the time it takes to get your dog trained the first rule is successful and efficient dog training to understand is consistency is key you have to be really consistent with your dog to get the fastest results possible for example if you ask your dog to stay and they get up dont reward them thats ok ill give you a treat anyway heres what you actually do sit stay over here.

Sit stay yes thats what im talking about always be consistent you will get as much progress as possible per unit of time spent by being consistent and keeping training enjoyable for your dog pay attention to how your dog is responding and if they start to seem frustrated or confused make it easier for them to succeed so that they understand what you want next proactively seek out appropriately challenging circumstances and environments to train it for example dont just stop with teaching your dog in your house unless, you want them to only listen in your house.

I know that many will teach their dog how to stay for their food but just because they do that doesnt mean that theyre going to understand how to stay in all situations this is a situation where many dogs wont stay just because you tell them to because the outside is so exciting im proactively seeking out a situation to teach him to stay rather than just hoping hell do it because i thought stay in a really basic training session before teaching your dog to stay at doorways is one of the most important things you can teach your dog.

Its potentially life-saving next youre gonna have to get really good at setting up training instances where your dog has no idea that a training session is underway those are called surprise primary training sessions doing this will teach your dog that they need to listen all of the time whether or not theyre expecting a training session blue im gonna ask you to leave this treat alone leave it yes very good just cuz your dog leaves a treat alone when you have it your hand doesnt mean they'll leave it when you throw it and; say leave it so you have to work with your dog.

When they're not in that training mindset let me show you leave it yes come here good job next cater to your dogs strengths in general dont insist that your dog do things that theyre not necessarily optimized to do focus on what your dog is best at thats not to say that you shouldnt try a variety of different things and try to get them to acquire new skills that it might not be perfect at but if you want fast results pay attention to areas where your dog excels and use that to your advantage lets get blues dad nathan in here and see if we can get blue to listen while i try to distract them.

I love these lessons he's doing really well with stay and impulse control exercises so why dont you work on having him stay? feel free to use treats abundantly and ill try and distract him at an appropriate level now this has a lot of benefits because you want him to listen to you when in a distracted frame of mind. but, we don't want to wait until our dogs are actually distracted in real life.

We want to give them experience with listening while distracted when we're in a position to fully focus on them good go ahead and reward on stay real quick just to get him in a good mood eyes on you look at me yep now go ahead and reward generously, by the way, we have a dog coming up here he's noticed the dog just now and actually lets just let the dog be the distraction right now.

I dont want to throw too much at him lets see if we can get him to stay and keep his attention on you when the dog walks past this is good see these are the things that happen when youre in public that you dont plan for and reward him though because right now hes still holding his stay thats very good thats and so right.

There a little close obviously got intrigued by the puppy blues only six months old hes like theres a dog so good redirect them into a city you can see service you high/low erections standing up and see how hes tuning out the treat completely thats a sign that hes just too infatuated by that dog and as that dog gets farther and farther away we ought to see that he becomes more compliant and just stay with him, and be patient there you go go ahead and reward see how hes taking the treat now thats the moment he went from not compliant to compliant that's where you need to start improving on your training.

You'll want to go to the park on the weekends or when you have a day off and just work on general training like this around other dogs in the distance when youre in a position of fully focus on them we cant train dogs when were not fully focused on them you click thumbs up for blue and nathan theyre doing terrific make sure youre subscribed to my channel follow me on instagram at sac gorge for more dog training content every day subscribe to this channel and get a copy of my new book guide to a well-behaved dog call have all of the links below and thank you so much to our patreon supporters too good job today up next.

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